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An introduction to Voicebot, from the dashboard, till the monitoring.

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Can I make Voicebot automatically change a specific info for each call?

Yes! Voicebot allows you to tag variable info (e.g. date, time, or service content) in any specific speech, giving you more possibility to customize your call to engage your clients. You are free to insert any variables to the speech.

But don't forget! You need to feed the Voicebot with the correct data corresponding to the variable when you're running a calling campaign.

You can learn more about the Variables Function in chapter "Understanding Variables" in the User Manual.

How the call usage is counted?

Depending on which plan you have purchased, you are limited to a certain number of call minutes for your use.

You can find the usage meters of your current plan in the Dashboard.

It is important to note that your plan usage is ultimately determined by and calculated in your call minutes, and call time will be rounded up to the nearest minutes.

For example, if your call lasts exactly 47 seconds, it would be counted as 1 minute; if your call lasts 125 seconds, it would be counted as 3 minutes, etc,.

Should you have used up your currently subscribed plan and would like to continue using Voicebot’s services, you're welcomed to make more purchases with Asiabots. Please email us at for more information.