Getting Started

A quick tutorial for you to pick up using Voicebot, from the dashboard, till the monitoring

Welcome to Voicebot!

We provide you a brand-new platform to schedule calls to your clients automatically.

What Voicebot can do?

  • Telemarketing

  • Lead Generation

  • Notification calls

  • Reminder calls

  • Appointment scheduling / rescheduling

Voicebot can support businesses with large outbound communication needs, particularly handling those repetitive tasks, and let the team focus on tasks that only humans can handle to help improve the overall customer service experience!

Introduction to Your Dashboard

Your dashboard neatly presents some key elements that are central to your Voicebot management.

Usage Meters visualises how much of your currently subscribed plan has been used and how much is still left.

Latest Finished Campaigns shows your most recent past campaigns, while Next Upcoming Campaigns shows the ones you are currently working on.

Navigating the Voicebot

Now, let's see the menu on the left panel.

Flow represents scenarios of conversations between a user and your bot. The flow may consist of several actions and replies.

After finishing setting up a flow, you are good to proceed to the next step - Setting up a Campaign!

Campaign allows you to schedule calls with your own customized Flow. Start to really use our Voicebot service by completing a set-up a Campaign now.

Logs records down all the edit, and action completed by the user and admin.

You are now ready to start to build your own flow and campaign! Let’s get started!

You can check out the other articles on the left menu to learn how to optimise the usage of Voicebot!